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We provide IT outsourcing and offshoring as one of the market's best beneficial option. We guarantee the top quality of work done through superior process efficiency by practiced resources.

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By offloading your secondary IT tasks to an efficient offshore company, you can refocus on your core business activities. It saves you considerable amount of money and get access to skilled expertise specifically as per your requirements. You can enjoy the luxury of staffing flexibility and better risk management by relying on the competent business process outsourcing or offshoring companies.

We are Europe based company with a lot of factors attributed to its favoritism. Minimized infrastructure costs and effective labor management are enabled by outsourcing to Slovakia. Total customer satisfaction via quick turnaround time as a result of getting access to the desired specific services is yet another benefit. Our processes guarantee complete security and confidentiality of your data.

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Software Development

When you identify the required software and prepare the specification and requirements, we will provide detailed analyses of your material, software design, programming and testing.


Do you already have an existing software? Great! We can take care of the maintanance or fix its bugs, do the refactoring and optimize it.


Does your on-premises hosting cost too much? Why don't you let us prepare your software for cloud hosting and do the transition for you?

Made with Love

You have to make your software with love these days! It's the software that is the backbone of your company.

Company's Founder

Marek Takac

Total 10+ years of experience as Certified Professional Developer with strong object-oriented and multi-threading programming skills, knowledge of standard design patterns, Electronic Payment System development, PCI Certification requirements and cloud development.

I've got deep knowledge of the latest technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries like jQuery. However, I focus on C# and .NET platform, that I use to develop front-end applications (ASP.NET, Win Forms, WPF) and background applications - Windows and Web Services - connected to a relational SQL database (MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL). I worked both on small and also on large projects.

I did go through the whole development process, where I started with the analysis of customer's requirements, then I created design of the solution, participated in the programming and testing and then helped with the initial maintenance. The product was targeted for cloud and one of the requirements was to utilize all available cloud benefits, what we fulfilled successfully.

I also helped the customer to refactor, optimize and upgrade their existing software for the cloud. My team allowed the customer to utilize all cloud benefits also in this case, by transferring their software to the SaaS model and migrating their on-premises environment to the cloud.

I'm a team player with experience as a Technology / Team Leader for teams up to 8 team members. I've got also an experience as a Scrum Master for a scrum team. I've been most of the time in an environment where the Agile and Scrum methodology have been applied.

I’m reliable, systematic, communicative, hard worker with minimal supervision required and always eager to gain new knowledge.

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